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The Hidden Treasures of the North Sea

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Can this privacy statement be adjusted?


Yes. This privacy statement has been drawn up in June 2018. We reserve the right to adjust this privacy statement. When important changes are made we will notify you, for instance by email.

After discovery and purchase by North Sea Fossils, all fossils are gathered in our processing office. The initial selection and sorting out is then done by Jeroen Kempers, our specialist. In the course of the years Jeroen has handled literally hundreds of thousands of Pleistocene mammal fossils, and has gained an invaluable hands-on knowledge. 

When the fossils are found in the North Sea they are saturated with salt water. In order to preserve them they are first desalinated, to stop them from disintegrating. The fossils are immersed for six weeks in constantly refreshed, fresh water. They are then slowly dried, and stabilized with a museum standard conservation layer, which not only preserves the fossils, but also brings out their natural stunning coloring. This process takes around two to three months to complete.

Small restorations are done by our own team during this process. In some cases however damaged fossils may require larger interventions, which are done by Remie Bakker, of Manimal Works. Remie is not only a magician for fossil repairs, but also loves what he does. He strikes the perfect balance between vital repairs and maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the fossil. Together with Remie we also supply museums with scientific displays and reconstructions of Ice Age mammels.

In order to display our fossils to the best effect, for larger and more important pieces we then commission hand-made stands. Material, colour and finish are decided with the fossil in mind, so that the stand does not distract from the piece but instead brings it out to best effect.

When fossils are acquired by our customers, they are carefully wrapped and packed by our team. Larger and fragile pieces are boxed in custom made wooden crates. Shipping is usually done by the national post service or Fedex. This treatment ensures that all fossils reach their eventual homes in perfect condition!

In 2015 the world renowned modern conceptual artist Danh Vo visited our warehouse in Urk with his team of collaborators and selected hundreds of kilograms of fossil material, including bones of Woolly Mammoths and whales. Vo, born in Vietnam in 1975, is interested in objects and other material, sometimes many thousands of years old, which he encounters through extensive travel and his unique network of connections. Vo arranges these objects in very original ways, which opens up new possibilities of seeing and interpretation. In this case he suspended our fossils from the ceiling of the Crystal Palace in the Parque del Retiro in Madrid, which was a spectacular sight and highly popular. The photos speak for themselves.

Interior Design

Our fossils give an extra dimension to exclusive interiors. The gorgeously rich colors of fossilized North Sea mammoth ivory, or the intricate shapes of for instance a Wisent cranium, combine amazingly well with both modern and traditional architecture and interiors.

These one-of-a-kind pieces are eye-catching conversation pieces and represent an interesting investments which can be handed down for generations. The presence of such ancient objects, will lend a graceful sophistication to any space, whether in private residences or corporate surroundings.

Our finest pieces are presented on custom-made stands, which bring them out to their utmost advantage. The stands are elegantly designed in such a way that it directs all the focus to the fossil itself.

Museum Quality Objects

One of our most exciting and challenging activities is the assembly of complete skeletons of Pleistocene mammals. To this end we work with a team of experts who amongst them combine the latest scientific knowledge, state-of-the-art restoration and conservation skills, and a sensitive eye for design. This enables us to restore and assemble complete fossil skeletons, which are scientifically as well as aesthetically among the best in the world and which are primarily destined for sale to museum and other institutions.

At the moment we have in store in our warehouse:

  • A skeleton of a male woolly mammoth
  • A skeleton of a pleistocene horse
  • A skeleton of a cave bear
  • A skeleton of a wisent

We can obtain (in the short term):

  • A skeleton of a female woolly mammoth
  • A skeleton of a young woolly mammoth
  • A skeleton of a woolly rhino 

We can also supply extremely lifelike reconstructions of these animals or smaller scaled models. It goes without saying that North Sea Fossils often and happily cooperates on exhibitions. Education is another main focus of North Sea Fossils!

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