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The Hidden Treasures of the North Sea

Museum Quality Objects

One of our most exciting and challenging activities is the assembly of complete skeletons of Pleistocene mammals. To this end we work with a team of experts who amongst them combine the latest scientific knowledge, state-of-the-art restoration and conservation skills, and a sensitive eye for design. This enables us to restore and assemble complete fossil skeletons, which are scientifically as well as aesthetically among the best in the world and which are primarily destined for sale to museum and other institutions.

At the moment we have in store in our warehouse:

  • A skeleton of a male woolly mammoth
  • A skeleton of a pleistocene horse
  • A skeleton of a cave bear
  • A skeleton of a wisent

We can obtain (in the short term):

  • A skeleton of a female woolly mammoth
  • A skeleton of a young woolly mammoth
  • A skeleton of a woolly rhino¬†

We can also supply extremely lifelike reconstructions of these animals or smaller scaled models. It goes without saying that North Sea Fossils often and happily cooperates on exhibitions. Education is another main focus of North Sea Fossils!

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