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The Hidden Treasures of the North Sea

Meet the team

The North Sea Fossils team constists of the following people:

Former fisherman Albert Hoekman has been fascinated by fossil material since his childhood. There is no single person in the world who has had more fossil bones of mammoths and other species pass through his hands, which has created a huge and diverse practical knowledge. Albert is in charge of North Sea Fossils, keeps in close contact with the fishermen, determines all our fossils and coördinates general proceedings. Albert was awarded the Van Der Lijn Award in 2014, an honor which is yearly bestowed on amateur paleontologists who have done important work for Dutch geology.

Jeroen Kempers, Albert’s brother-in-law, is passionate about all things hidden under the surface of the sea. He is a collector of fossils such as shark teeth, whale, dolphin and other marine animals. Durning the last years he has often been on treasure hunting expeditions with the North Sea Fossils team, and so he came to work for our team, as a conservator and restorer.

Mirjam Post studied law at the University of Groningen. She updates and manages the website and handles the internet sales and enquiries, so your emails will probably be answered by her!

For large and/or important projects we collaborate closely with the following specialists:

Customs official Dick Mol is known worldwide as the ‘most professional amateur’ in paleontology, and especially as ‘Mr Mammoth’. Scientists from all over the world contact Mol when they need to discuss mammoth issues. Mol has produced countless scientific publications and has led expeditions to Alaska, Siberia and the North Sea. He also advises the Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam.

Remie Bakker graduated from the Acadamy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. His company Manimalworks specializes in producing scientifially correct models of humans and animals from past and present.

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