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The Hidden Treasures of the North Sea

Always having been interested in fossils, we started to seriously form a collection about 20 years ago, making use of our good contacts with the Dutch fishermen who bring these prehistorically marvels ashore every week. Initially our interest was directed at the more impressive items, like mammoth skulls and tusks, but in time we started to focus on small but rare objects, which are caught much less easier. Over the years this has enabled us to compile one of the most complete collections of fossils from the Pleistocene era, comparable to most museum collections.

Not only has our own collection grown and improved, but our efforts have also proved to be of scientific value. Since we started to systemically buy nearly all the fossils the fishermen bring ashore, some important discoveries have been made. For example, about five years ago we were surprised to find a lower jaw of a sabre tooth cat among the catch. Previously it was thought that these creatures had gone extinct in the North Sea area more than 200.000 years ago. Since all fossils caught from the North Sea bed date from around 50.000-20.000 B.C., the jaw proved that these magnificent creatures must have survived in this area much longer. The jaw has now been gifted to the natural history museum of Rotterdam, among with many other rarities collected by us in the past years.

The fishermen however rightly expect some financial compensation for their efforts, so in an attempt to make our hobby financially viable, we started selling fossils which did not add much to the quality of our collection. This does not mean that the fossil we sell are not of museum quality, but simply that we already own one or two specimens of that particular item. Since our interest for fossils always will be just a hobby and our livelihood does not rely on their sale, we do not sell with the intention to make a profit, but just try to break even. This guarantees that our prices are always reasonable. So by buying from us, you will not only acquire an impressive fossil at a decent price, but you will also help scientific research into the Pleistocene North Sea area.

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