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The Hidden Treasures of the North Sea

A Fossilized Carboniferous Sigillaria Plant


Weight: 14600 gr / 32.1 lbs
Width: 59.5 cm / 23.4 in
Height: 36 cm / 14.1 in
Depth: 5 cm / 2 in

Item Code: 832
Latin Name: Sigillaria rugosa
Site: unknown
Age: Carboniferous, c. 360-300 million years old
Provenance: deaccessioned by Museum Biochron, Emmen, The Netherlands

On offer is a well-preserved fossil of a Sigillaria rugosa, a species of arborescent club moss. This fossil plant, resembling tire tread is preserved on both sides of the rock, and gives a glimpse into the past a plant that must have looked very alien-like. While Sigillaria would have resembled a large tree, these plants were not actually classified as trees. The clubmoss trees of the genus Sigillaria formed an important part of the coal swamps in the Late Carboniferous. They grew to large heights, probably exceeding 100 feet and had trunks/stems over 2 meters in diameter.

It did not have "wood" like trees, and support came from a layer of closely packed leaf bases just below the surface of the trunk, while the center was filled with pith. The old leaf bases expanded as the trunk grew in width, and left a diamond-shaped pattern, which is evident in fossils. The trunk had photosynthetic tissue on the surface, meaning that it was probably green. The trunk was topped with a plume of long, grass-like, microphyllous leaves, so that the plant looked somewhat like a tall, forked bottlebrush. The plant bore its spores (not seeds) in cone-like structures attached to the stem. Sigillaria, like many ancient lycopods, had a relatively short life cycle - growing rapidly and reaching maturity in a few years.

The black-and-white section of the ruler in the image represents 10 cm (3.9 inch). This comes with a stainless steel display stand.

This piece formed part of the Museum Biochron in Emmen in The Netherlands. The Museum has recently deaccessioned part of its collections. This piece falls outside or our main territory of expertise but we have attempted to catalogue it as professionally as possible and we are able to offer these pieces at competitive prices.

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