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The Hidden Treasures of the North Sea


We have recently sold this complete skeleton of an adult male mammoth in the prime of its life to a private collector. According to Dick Mol, the world's leading mammoth expert, this is the most correctly-assembled skeleton in the world. Needless to say, we are proud of this achievement! We are now engaged in assembling another complete skeleton, this time of a female mammoth.

Fifty thousand years ago, the North Sea did not exist. The area between what are now the white cliffs of Dover and the Dutch sandy dunes was part of the continent of Europe and the natural habitat of mammoths, cave lions, woolly rhinos and other prehistoric marvels. On these fertile grounds they fed, fought, procreated and died for thousands of years. Then the ice came.

The lowering of the earth’s temperature at around 25.000 B.C. caused the extinction of these fascinating creatures, their remains being buried by hundreds of meters of ice which covered the whole of northern Europe. Temperatures rose and melt began to set in at around 12.000 B.C., replacing the ice with water and so giving birth to the North Sea as we know it today. The remains of its old inhabitants were still there however, now covered by a thin layer of sand and fathoms of salty water.

Nowadays tidal currents cause the seabed to turn around, freeing the fossils from their sandy tomb and causing them to get stuck in the sturdy nets of Dutch fishing boats. Our company, North Sea Fossils, acquires these fossils directly from the fishermen, which makes them available to a worldwide public.